Misdiagnosis and What To Do About It

Visual snow and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder are relative newcomers in the medical scene. The conditions have probably been around for centuries, but medical community is just now coming around to the idea that these diseases are entities unto themselves. Unfortunately, this means that most doctors are uneducated when it comes to VS and HPPD, […]

Peter Goadsby Needs Our Help

Dr Peter Goadsby is one of few medical experts working on Visual Snow. The dedicated doctor is far from researching for a treatment or cure. His main fight is to get Visual Snow recognized by the medical community as a recognized medical disease. Dr Goadsby was first turned on to visual snow because of something […]

Neurosensory and Neuroregenerative Research Foundation Launches Website

Visual Snow and Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder are debilitating conditions. The diseases live in the brain where wires are crossed when it comes to deciphering visual data. HPPD is brought on by the use of hallucinogenic drugs while Visual Snow appears out of nowhere. The Neurosensory and Neuroregnerative Research Foundation has chosen to focus on these two […]