Media Articles

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By Dirk Hanson

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Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder
By Henry David Abraham, MD

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By Kate Richardson

A Trip That Doesn’t End
By Dorian Rolston

HPPD: The Psychedelic Trip That Never Ends
By Rachel Nuwer

When hallucinations persist after the party drugs have worn off
By Mark White

The people who are tripping forever
By Thomas Gorton

For Those with HPPD, the Acid Trip Never Ends
By Abby Norman

LSD Could Take You on a Trip to Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
By Carla Clark, PhD

Should Lana Del Rey Worry About Acid Flashbacks? Scientists Aren’t Sure
By Yasmin Tayag

Know The Facts: Do You Really Know How Illegal Drugs Affect Your Health?
By Ali Venosa

The Science behind LSD Flashbacks: Truth or Myth?
By Kelly Tatera

A Bad Batch of Drugs Made My Eyesight Chronically Grainy
By Jari Goedegebuure

Syd Barrett – First Known Case of HPPD