The Foundation’s Origin

The motivation behind the inception of the foundation was the initiative of an individual sufferer who was driven by the extreme lack of understanding, medical knowledge, and adequate treatment for the extremely deleterious effects that these two conditions have on a sufferer’s quality of life. The fact of the matter is that physicians by and large, are completely unaware of what these conditions are, how to diagnose them, and managing the rehabilitation and treatment of an individual who has contracted Visual Snow or Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder. The result of the medical fields’ unfamiliarity with these conditions typically yields misdiagnosis and with that, are prescribed medications which often do considerably more harm than good. This can lead to worsening of symptoms and on occasion, tragic outcomes.

It is in the desire for change, a relentless pursuit for awareness and treatment that the foundation was started. The organization serves to link the medical community to the community of sufferers in order to achieve the organizations goals. The desire to target both HPPD and VS is due to their similarity. While they are markedly different in the broader sense, they share many overlapping symptoms and possible neurological underpinnings. It is our mission to do whatever is required to understand the root cause of these conditions, and provide a severely neglected community with much needed help and relief. We ask not for your sympathy, but for your understanding, your support, and your help in order to find a cure, or at the very least adequate treatment. The difficulty with these disorders, is that the suffering is not visible to the outside world, but to the sufferers, the daily struggle of altered perceptions is their unmistakable reality.

“In an effort to improve expectations at the physician’s office for both patient and practitioner, advocacy campaigns would be tailored primarily to parents, educators, emergency room personnel, psychiatrists and psychologists who are typically the first to encounter individuals that suffer from neurosensory dysfunction. Through advocacy and awareness countless lives can be saved. Through proper treatment by physicians who are empowered with the knowledge in identifying the telltale signs of VS and HPPD quality of life can be preserved and through research can a cure be found.” – Dr. Henry Abraham