Visual Snow and Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder are debilitating conditions. The diseases live in the brain where wires are crossed when it comes to deciphering visual data. HPPD is brought on by the use of hallucinogenic drugs while Visual Snow appears out of nowhere. The Neurosensory and Neuroregnerative Research Foundation has chosen to focus on these two interrelated conditions in order to alleviate the needless suffering of a voiceless pool of patients. 

VS and HPPD have likely been around for decades, if not longer. But the diseases are relative newcomers to the medical field. This means that doctors and researchers may not even be aware of the conditions. VS and HPPD patients are often misdiagnosed and tend to spend a lot of money while searching for answers. This common goose chase experienced by VS and HPPD patients has inspired us here at the NNRF to educate the medical community. As education about VS and HPPD spreads amongst medical professionals, more patients will be diagnosed correctly the first time.

However, our mission does not stop there. The NNRF is a collective of business professionals, medical researchers and doctors. Your donations help to fuel the engine that we hope will cure VS and HPPD. Our collective of highly trained professionals is hard at work researching for a viable treatment and cure for these diseases. But a donation is not the only way you can help.

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We are proud to present to you our informative website and look forward to working with this community in order to unravel the mysteries surrounding VS and HPPD.