Learn about HPPD


It is conclusive that Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder is a highly distressing disorder, and is indeed a very real thing that has been ignored and shunned for far too long. There is documented evidence regarding the persistent effects of hallucinogenic drugs that spans decades and despite this, the medical establishment has grossly overlooked, if not flat out ignored this life altering debilitating condition. Shamefully, the stigma attached to this condition gives rise to the notion that those who suffer from HPPD deserve it, that it is their fault for engaging in the risk of using hallucinogenic substances. If ever there was a more heartless position to take regarding anyone suffering from a chronic condition, this is it.

No human being deserves to suffer a lifetime of pain and anguish, regardless of cause. Psychedelic use is increasing at a rapid rate globally and because of the risk and unpredictable nature of HPPD, the number of sufferers is only going to keep growing. Therefore, it is critical to give Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder the attention it so desperately needs. It is imperative to discover the underlying factors behind HPPD, to fundamentally understand what goes wrong in the minds of this patient population. With this new understanding, it will be possible to research a cure and prevent others from acquiring and living a lifetime of mental anguish. For too long patients have had to suffer in silence, with no answers and no support. For the sake of all human beings going forward, it is of paramount importance that this disorder gets the attention, research and awareness that is so desperately needed.