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To date, no cure exists for HPPD. A massive problem in the treatment for HPPD is that all prescriptions and methodologies that currently exist are to treat the symptoms that arise as a result of HPPD, rather than treating the underlying root cause; HPPD itself. From Dr. Abraham’s observations, those who do recover from HPPD, do so within 5 years. Around 50% of people who suffer from HPPD will recover.

In a study performed by Dr. Henry Abraham, one of the campaign stalwarts, two drugs showed promise in the alleviation of visual symptoms. Tolcapone and Levocarb, while primarily used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, were shown to improve visual symptoms in one third of the subjects that had participated in the study. These two drugs however, have not been approved as a standard prescription to treat HPPD.

Benzodiazepines have been prescribed with a fair amount of success in treating the anxiety that arises from HPPD. These drugs include clonazepam, diazepam and alprazolam. As aforementioned, this is a futile effort as these drugs are used to treat a complication of HPPD, rather than HPPD itself. Benzodiazepines have also been proven to be problematic, as the drug is highly addictive, and has resulted in many patients suffering from addiction.
Anticonvulsant drugs have shown to help alleviate visual symptoms as well as resultant depersonalization and derealization in certain patients. Levetiracetam and Lamotrigine, have been used to somewhat successfully treat HPPD in certain individuals.

Certain medications have proven to be highly detrimental when prescribed to certain individuals suffering from HPPD. Anti-psychotic drugs such as Risperidone has been reported to worsen symptoms in certain individuals.


The following medical professionals may be contacted for refractory cases of HPPD:

Dr. Steven E. Locke
10 Deer Run,
Wayland, MA  01778
T: (508) 358-4672
E:  SlockeMD@verizon.net

Dr. Ximena Sanchez Samper
55 Fruit St,
Boston, MA 02114
T: (617) 726-2984
E: xsanchezmd@gmail.com

Gerard Alderliefste, MD, in Amsterdam